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5 Tips to Catch Cheaters in Relationships

If you want to catch cheaters, you’ve got to think like they do. Here you will find a list of 5 dead-simple psychological tricks and clever techniques you can use to catch cheating men and women red-handed. This page looks at the subject from both men and woman, and the genders could be reversed in any of our examples without losing the meaning, so keep that in mind.

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You Can Catch Cheaters Texting

catch cheating spousesA lot of relationships start to struggle when someone gets caught texting with their exes, trying to hide it and acting shady in general, combined with the other signs that rightfully start to stir up that little green jealousy monster that lives inside all of us.

– Does your man clam up when his phone goes off and you’re in the room?

– Does he wait until you leave the room to even look at his new messages?

– Does he wince when you go within 5 feet of his cellphone?

– Has your girlfriend started talking to an ex recently?

– Is she really going out with the girls, and how you can find out…


This article will go into more details about how to catch cheaters who are using their phones to help them cheat on you, along with some other sensible tips about cheating and cheaters in general.


1. Watch For Changes In Behavior

You don’t have to be a behavioral psychologist to pick up on small changes. Maybe your partner is more reserved, less affectionate, acting colder? Trust is very important in a relationship, but when somebody starts acting strangely with no justification or reason, it can be hard to trust them. A cheating partner will often try to exploit your trust, to make you feel bad for having suspicious. That being said, there can be any number of reasons that your lover is acting differently, maybe you’re projecting so much insecurity onto them that they’re worried about why you’re acting different. This means two things. First of all, it means proper trust and communication are very important for a successful relationship. Oh, and it also means you’ve got to get some PROOF, but first…

2. Check Your Rationality

Make sure you’re being rational. Don’t jump to conclusions without any proof. Take account in your mind of the reasons why you think your lover might be stepping out on you, what grounds do you have to be suspicious? Are there any tell-tale signs? You can share your reasoning with a friend that you trust, just to make sure it all checks out. You can even talk to your spouse, “Hey, I feel like you’ve been a little bit distant lately, is everything okay?” See what kind of answer they give you.

3. Get A Helper

Did your man say that he’s going to watch the game with a couple buddies at the sports bar? If you were to just show up unannounced, that might seem a little strange, especially if you’re interrupting guys night. He might get razed for it, and question why you showed up, he might start to think you don’t trust him. Ironic, since that’s the reason you showed up… But, what if you were to send a friend of yours to “bump” into him there? Is he really there with his buddies, or is he with someone else? Or is he somewhere else all-together? You can answer at least one of those questions by sending in a friend to do some PI work.

4. Use A Trojan Horse

If your wife, for example, says she’s staying late at work to finish up a project – there’s nothing that says you can’t show up with a warm meal to surprise her. She doesn’t have to know that you’re there because you’re suspicious. Chances are she’s not sleeping with her boss, so when you show up with a warm supper to surprise her, it will absolutely make her day. She’s probably in a bad mood after being told she has to stay late, and hungry, and knowing that you cared enough to take the time to drop by will mean the world to her. Or maybe she’s sleeping with her boss. Maybe you’ll find your sweet wife at her desk, stressed out and so happy to see you or maybe you’ll catch cheaters in the act. Either way, it’s better to know than not to know, right?

Or maybe she won’t even be there. Then no harm, no foul on you but you can ask her later that night how the project went. See if you can bait her into telling some lies and voila – now you have a reason to be suspicious if she’s lying to you.

The meal is your trojan horse. It gets you through the door, basically. It doesn’t have to be a meal per se, it can be anything but if you’re going to basically show up unannounced to spy on somebody then surprise them, the lease you can do is to bring them something so that it’s a nice surprise and not a “WTF are you doing here?” surprise.

5. Check Their Phone

This is a bold move. It violates your partners trust. But there are even apps you can discreetly install on their phone to spy on them. This is only to be done once you’ve caught them in legitimate lies, you’ve checked your rationality, and you’re all but certain they’re cheating on you. So maybe when they’re in the shower, or sleeping, or whenever you can safely take a peek. If you find something, you’ll have to decide how to handle it. It can be tricky to admit you looked through their phone, but if you’ve already gathered other evidence and caught them in a lie – that will often be enough to get them to confess. If they still deny it and lie even more, you have the phone proof in your back pocket as undeniable evidence of a cheater.

Bonus “BUSTED!” Story

There was a story on Reddit lately about a man who grew suspicious of his girlfriend cheating on him after she kept coming up with excuses to not go on a group camping trip at the very last minute and used his cellphone to catch infidelity. Before leaving, he went into her car and left her a little note, and “accidentally” dropped his iPhone under her seat. Using the GPS feature on the phone, he was able to determine that she spent that night at a strange address which happened to be registered to her ex-boyfriend’s father. Oops!

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Signs Of Cheating

It may have happened to you or someone you know but to be able to spot the signs of cheating in your partner is an important skill to have. Most people only learn these skills the hard way, after having been cheated on themselves. Others will not believe what they are reading, and deny that their partner would even think of doing that to them. Well it is a reality and both men and women will cheat. Women will cheat on their boyfriends, and husbands, and men will do the same to their wives, and girlfriends.

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top signs of infidelity There are different things you want to look for that will stand out the most when you are even thinking something is wrong. If you even have that thought in the back of your mind, follow it until you can prove the thought right or wrong. You would much rather proof that thought to be wrong than to find out he was cheating on you. There are some things to watch for in order to spot the signs of cheating boyfriend.

Watch the signs:

Late or Unscheduled meetings and trips – When your husband or boyfriend works in a high paying job, in management or some other similar job meetings are a standard item on the agenda. Depending on the job they are usually scheduled, but there are times when emergencies happen and a meeting is thrown together at the last minute. This is a rare occurrence and should not be a frequent one. Unless his job is traveling, you might want to watch for meeting that run late, or late at night. Schedule changes such as overnight shifts when they are not normally worked. Trips that come up out of the blue with no planning are a good thing to keep an eye on. Depending on the trust in your relationship and how he feels about calling you when away will tell you a lot about what he is really doing on that trip.

Frequent showers – Women tend to be clean and not like the feeling of being dirty. They will sometimes take more than one shower in a day. Men however usually only do this once unless the job is a very dirty one. A man who spends more time in the bathroom than he usually does, might just have an issue. Hopefully and yet not so much, it is a medical issue, but it can mean something else is going on. New changes in deodorants, colognes, mouthwashes, and aftershaves could mean someone is after your man.

E-mails, texts, and phone calls – When a man spends time cheating they have a tendency to be more private with their electronic devices. Passwords will change frequently, as will a call log being deleted more often than it was before. Phone numbers of new people pop up in the phone or on the phone bill. Text messages at odd hours or with messages that seem to make no sense to you, might make a lot of sense to him. When confronted they will make excuses or get angry that you are invading their privacy.

Less money – These are good signs of cheating men. If you pay attention to what is purchased and what is available each week and month, and then all of a sudden there is less money to go around this can be one of the signs of cheating. Be careful with this one though. If you constantly live on a budget and money is tight and things get tighter, think if there is a birthday, holiday or special even coming up before you make any accusations. If he was planning a party or something special in mind for you, you are going to feel really bad for accusing him of cheating on you.

Signs of lying – There are many things to spot when looking for signs of cheating, and lying is the biggest. His story will not match what he told you. His eyes shift and he can’t seem to look you directly in the eye when talking to you. He will make up stories or what may seem like legitimate reasons why he is doing certain things, such as having a late meeting. Getting upset for being asked a question is generally a sign of lying. Also if he changes the topic of conversation and tries to direct it back to you, than you need to look for that. If you know about his line of work it will help you spot even more signs that he is cheating on you, and enable you to do something about it.

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Signs that your Wife is Cheating

It is doubtful that you entered your marriage wanting to doubt your spouse’s fidelity and find yourself beginning to look for signs your wife is cheating. Marriage is about commitment, strength of spirit, mutual trust and deep all-encompassing love for one another. Both parties deserve to be part of a wonderful union. Since each of you constitutes half of that union, it matters, and makes sense (!), that you both feel and believe that you are loyal to each other.

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cheating spouseAnything less, and sadly the seed from which trouble begins to brew and shake a marital union right from its foundation is planted. What’s more, being with a partner whom you love and support that has chosen to seek her pleasures in the arms of someone else is hazardous to your self-esteem, feelings of self-worth and even your health – it can lead to depression, crippling anxiety and can even affect your performance at work.

Nobody needs that. YOU don’t need that. If you have a gut feeling that your wife is having a relationship with someone else, you owe it to yourself to pay closer attention to the way she behaves around you and look for signs your wife is cheating.

Physical Signs Your Wife is cheating:

– She turns her head when you lean into her, forcing you to kiss her cheek and not her mouth;
– You notice her skillfully avoid her usual morning routine of changing in front of you (she waits for you to leave the room, changes in the bathroom, etc.);
– She either stops or seems to be making fewer of her usual affectionate touches and caresses;
– She’s hitting the gym more often;
– She starts going out for long walks alone at night;
– If she’s feeling particularly guilty about her extra-marital activities or is trying to hide their existence from you, she may start initiating sex more often.
– She treats all your love-making sessions as a physical activity and none as opportunities to share in passionate, intimate moments;
– You find condoms in her purse. Be particularly suspicious if they are in a size other than what you would normally use.

Signs Your Wife is cheating on you at Work:

– She begins to leave the house earlier than usual. She may gradually leave a little earlier every day in an effort to have this change escape your notice for a while.
– She seems more excited to go to work than usual.
– She comes home later than usual, and accepts to work overtime despite your protests.
– She doesn’t complain or talk about her work with you anymore.
– She starts taking better care of her appearance for work, and perhaps is doing something new like adding a perfume to her morning routine.
– There seem to be more ‘’corporate’’ lunches and dinners in her schedule.
– If she’s not leaving you with a hotel number when you can reach her when she goes out of town for business, it may be because it’s not a business trip at all, or she’s going on the trip with someone she doesn’t want you to find out about.
– She makes a habit of not answering certain phone calls on her cell when she’s with you.
– You used to have access to each other’s phones all the time and, without talking to you about it first, she added a security code to hers.

Now one or two of these signs might not mean much, but if you recognize, say 85% of these signs, chances are good something’s up with your marriage. Before confronting your wife and accusing her of being unfaithful, take some time for yourself to reflect and take stock of her marriage. Perhaps your wife is growing distant simply because she is unhappy in her marriage, and doesn’t know how to tell you or what to do about it. She may also be wondering if she’s doing something that is making you unhappy. Her distance may not imply that she is cheating. Do all the soul-searching you need to do to figure out what you feel will be the best way to approach your wife to invite her to talk about the issues in your marriage.

You are the best judge of your marriage. Let no one persuade you to think otherwise.

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What Are The Infidelity Signs That A Man Is Cheating

The signs of infidelity can be there, but you may not see them right away. What is more devastating than the actual signs of infidelity, is when the signs of infidelity are confirmed, as being real for what they are in essence. Emotional infidelity is bad enough, but physical infidelity is just as bad, if not worse in some cases.

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This is because a physical betrayal with one’s body, is just as bad with the emotional infidelity signs that do plague the mind, heart, and soul. There are cheating signs in men, as there are cheating signs in women, and the one thing that is bad about both is obvious. Cheating is not only wrong, it is an open and blatant display that someone is carrying on outside of a marriage or relationship, and often it is the thing that can result in the failure/breakup of that marriage or relationship nine times out of ten.

signs that she is cheatingWhat are the infidelity signs that a man is cheating? Cheating signs in men can be hidden at first, because a man will do his best to hide or suppress the fact that he is indeed having an affair. However, over the course of time, he may grow relaxed and let his guard slip a bit. He may also believe that his wife or girlfriend will never get a hint, or even find out at all, about him playing around with another women. Nonetheless, emotional infidelity does start to show itself, and in one of the biggest ways is this. In the early stages of infidelity, a man may display more affection than the usual towards his wife or girlfriend, which is an outright sign that he is carrying on in secret. This emotional infidelity sign is his way of dealing with the guilt he is feeling about the affair, so he compensates for it, by showering his wife or girlfriend with an over abundance of attention and affection in a big way. So, this is the first sign, that he is probably cheating with another. What are some other cheating signs in men that should raise red flags?

As was previously stated in the last paragraph, a man can clearly indicate that he is openly cheating, when he becomes overly affectionate to his wife or girlfriend in the beginning of anillicit affair with another. This is because he is trying to deal with his lies and own guilt mainly. Now, with this said, another of the cheating signs in men is when he starts to grow away from his wife or girlfriend. This growing away phase is something that usually appears in the later stages of his affair, and he expresses it best, when he begins to detach himself from his wife or girlfriend not just emotionally but also physically. This is when he starts to close himself off from his wife or girlfriend completely. This is definitely one of the truly emotional infidelity signs and does signal that a marriage or relationship is indeed in grave trouble. If a wife or girlfriend begins to notice that her husband/boyfriend is growing distant, and is distant, the answer is because he does have another woman in his life who is hidden from view. This is also categorized as being one of the classic infidelity signs for both men and women on the average, as well.

Other signs that a man is cheating can take on many forms, and it is these many forms, which a wife or girlfriend should definitely look for if she suspects that her man is cheating on her. Some of these other signs of infidelity do include his growing very impatient or irritated for no reason. His being very evasive about his whereabouts, or any plans, which he may have made or is about to make. He may also lack concentration and appear to be like he is in another world. These are all symptoms of cheating and they should be investigated more in depth.

What are the physical signs that a man is cheating?Some of the physical signs that a man is cheating on his wife or girlfriend can be very evident. These physical signs do include the classic lipstick on his collar, or even the scent of perfume, which is a smell that doesn’t belong to his wife or girlfriend. If he is also paying a lot more attention to his physical appearance/grooming, by either going to the gym more often, or buying new clothes to look good. This can also be a clear indication that he is indeed cheating. A man who also doesn’t want to be sexual or intimate with his wife or girlfriend, or who does begin to request new sexual techniques from his wife or girlfriend to do, is also a man who is probably cheating outside the relationship. Also, if a man begins to get phone calls, and has to step away in privacy to answer them away from his wife or girlfriend is also a man who is cheating. If a husband, or boyfriend, tells his wife or girlfriend that his computer is off limits to them, is also a man that may be cheating too.

There are lots of other key infidelity signs to look for in a man who is cheating, the ones that are listed here, are just some of the many that are in clear sight. A wife or girlfriend who suspects that her husband/boyfriend may be cheating on her, should indeed try to find out the truth, as best she can and is able to do. This is because cheating signs in men aren’t hard to detect, but if a woman doesn’t open up her eyes to them, she may not see them at first. Emotional infidelity signs are very serious, because they do confirm physical infidelity, and they both do go hand in hand. Cheating is a very serious thing to do, and can be the destroyer of relationships, so it is crucial to deal with it right away and not let it ride. A person who cheat on you, be it male or female, needs to found out and confronted. This is the only way to save a marriage or relationship, especially if two people do still care for each other, despite the reality of an affair by either party.

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How to Catch a Cheater for Free

In today’s busy world people do not have much time to do something other than their personal and professional work routines. Having surety of your spouse’s loyalty is one of the major concerns of people in relationship today. People generally assume this notion as a sign of weak relationship and unstable mental surety in a relationship but some people also consider it as a sign of true love.

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Most of the times, people are very possessive on the idea of losing their partners love due to any reason or sharing it with anyone else at any possible cost. Also,generally people assume that checking on the spouse is entirely a women business because they do so due to insecurity in a relationship. But it is not the case either. Today, men are equally interested in checking on the beloveds as women are because they have the similar kinds of reasons and sentimentalities as women do when it comes to love relationships.

is my boyfriend a cheaterIn today’s world the question of catching your spouse who is cheating on you for free is a very popular question. Frankly speaking people do not have so much time so they could spend hours on looking on their partner’s activities privately. In addition, people neither have such amount of financial budgets so they could spend a high amount of money on hiring private agents or other means to catch the cheaters. That is why technology and great efficient minds have found other means to do the job. Now you can catch a cheater for free. In order to help people with this agenda, now we have a lot of technological tools which can accommodate us in finding the cheaters and the best part is that this can be done without spending a lot of money. Here are some of tools which can help you catch a cheater for free:

Diary Writing

This is the first step anybody could take if they have a doubt that they are being cheated. Grab a pen and a diary and start writing down whatever you observe and notice. Jot down whatever feelings come to your mind, speak out your heart! Everything unusual you find out write it down on that diary. This will later help you to remember the important details that you may forget later. T will also enable you to analyze things chronologically. Most importantly make sure that you keep this diary well hidden from your partner or anybody else.

Fuel Record

The next step you need to do is keep a fuel record of your partner’s car. Check on the mileage of your spouse’s car. If you have a doubt that your partner is consuming more than his work requirements demand, then do keep a record of it by noting down all the minor details of fuel consumption. This will help you gain knowledge of something severely unusual happening. It will also further lead you to check the bill records and will make your grounds stronger for the questioning part.

Checking Internet Files

You can check the internet files your partner is using downloading or seems to be doing anything with. This is an easy and free of cost way to keep an internet check on your partner. You can go to the history option after your spouse has left the house on the internet explorer or other browsing networks. Checking history will enable you to get an idea of what you partner is checking on the internet these days. Other technological options like Google index researcher also enable you to access the files which your partner may have used earlier. You can install this option and delete it later so that your partner doesn’t catch you doing anything.

Cell phone check

You should check your partner’s cell phone regularly. Many people have issues with this option saying that their partners do not leave their cell phones until very late at night and by that time everybody goes to sleep so they do not get the chance to check. In addition, people complaint that if their partners are cheating on them, they won’t leave any traces of doubt in their cell phones. This should not be your approach. You should be careful enough to make your spouse feel comfortable and scroll their phones in their presence but they should not get the idea of anything suspicious you are doing. Also you can contact the cell phone companies for getting the information on calls made or the messages retrieved.

Make a Trap

Setting a trap for your partner is the most efficient option you can go for in order to catch a cheater for free! You should manage to make an excuse of going out for a few days or weeks but you should keep a check at your house in your absence.

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Is My Husband Cheating Or Am I Just Losing It?

There are men who do love their wives and girlfriends, yet these very same men, for some reason or other do end up cheating outside the relationship. Why they do this is not known, in some cases, yet in some cases the reason is known.

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However, despite the reason, infidelity in marriage or other form of serious relationship is both heartbreaking and devastating at the same time. It is not the nicest thing for anyone to have to experience, at least not on purpose, but at the same time it is blatant disregard for a loved one’s feeling on all fronts. So, with this said, is my husband cheating or am I just is your boyfriend cheating on youlosing it? If a woman finds herself, asking herself, this very question because of her husband or boyfriend. She should then go all out personally, to learn the truth, because it is only fair for her to know the truth. Living in the shadow of a man’s lies is not a nice way to live, especially if said man claims to love her, in spite of the fact he is getting it on with another female behind her back. Am I paranoid? The answer is no, not if you are going through, what is called the signs of a cheating husband.

What are the signs that a husband is indeed cheating on his wife?

Even though the signs of a cheating husband may vary, what doesn’t vary is the way, in which he will display these cheating signs. The way that a man does show off his infidelity is clear in his own behavior towards his wife. Is my husband cheating? The only way for a wife to ascertain this reality, as well as to answer this question personally is obvious, and that obvious is to look for the most common signs of infidelity that a man will possess when cheating outside of his own marriage. A wife having suspicions that her husband is cheating on her, is not only nagging, but it can be the very thing to make her feel bad about her. Therefore, it is something that needs an answer, in order for it not to afflict her health and her life. So, with this said, answers need to be found and looking for signs of infidelity are part of it.

Some of the most common of all signs that a man is cheating on his wife are very visible, if a wife does know how to look for them,, and some of the most common of all signs are as follows. If a husband begins to display odd behavior at home, the chances are, he may very well be in the midst of an affair with another women. Some of the signs of odd behavior to look for at home are is that he is very aloof, very distant, and doesn’t seem to take any interest in his life at home any more. He is also always tired and doesn’t display any romantic interest in his wife or their relationship either. He may refrain from any sexual contact with his wife, as well. He may also be wearing cologne that he never wore before, and could also smell of perfume often, which is a perfume that is not his wife’s fragrance.

What are some damning signs of a cheating husband?

Some of the very damning signs that a man is openly engaging in affair outside of marriage is when, he suddenly stops wearing his wedding ring on his finger, and doesn’t seem to remember or has stated he lost his wedding ring to his wife when questioned about him not wearing it. He is also very hostile, harsh, and sarcastic with his wife for no reason at all. He may also be suddenly concerned about his wife’s schedule and is seen often asking her about it. If he comes home and heads straight for the shower, this could also be a damning indicator that he has cheated, as he wants to clean himself up of any physical evidence that could be lingering on his body after a heated sexual encounter.

Is my husband cheating or am I just imagining that he is doing this?

Only you, as the wife, will be able to answer this question for herself firsthand. Cheating is infidelity, and one should have to experience it, so as the wife it is your duty to learn the truth if only for your own peace of mind and comfort. Having a husband cheating is not the nicest thing to happen to any woman, let alone any man, but it is a clear betrayal and breach of trust all the same. If you do suspect that your husband is doing this to you, it would not be wise to close your eyes to his affair, because this very affair could wreck your own life by infecting you with a sexual disease or even worse AIDS. So, with this said, if he is indeed cheating on you and you have a feeling that may the case. You owe it to yourself, to learn the truth, and to find out the truth for you. Don’t do it just to save your marriage, or because you love him, do it for you and your health/life.

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How to Catch Someone Cheating

Relationships are something that most people must work at, unfortunately some relationships go through more troubles than others. Many people have had to deal with the pain of a spouse or significant other cheating on them. Sadly some of these people never even knew what was happening right under their nose. This is important why it is good to know how to catch someone cheating. The earlier you catch the person, the better the outcome will be. Here are some ways that will tell you how to catch someone cheating.

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Observe Their Behaviors

The first thing one would want to do when trying to catch someone cheating is observe how that person behaves. If the person seems very skittish and secretive there may be something going on. However, not everyone who has been acting different is cheating as it just may be due to stress or some other issue. One of the first behaviors to look for is being is he a big cheatersecretive. If that person keeps hiding their phone or taking it with them they usually are trying to hide something. If the person is angered easily when questioned, they may be cheating. If your significant other is behaving oddly and you suspect they are cheating, call them out on it. But do not do it in an accusation manner. Simply state that you feel like they’re hiding something and try to create an open room for the person to speak. Never just jump down their throat because it will never end well. If a conversation is open and the person feels free to speak and tell you what has been going on, this just may lead to a confession.

Spy On Them

This sounds awful, and it is, but at times it’s necessary. The easiest gadget to spy on is a cell phone. When the person in question is sleeping, check their cell phone for anything suspicious. It may require you to somehow get the person to reveal their passwords first though so be sure you either know them or figure out a way to trick them into telling you. Once you have access into their phone or social networking accounts, begin to do a heavy check. Be sure to check both sent and deleted mail as well. Look for anything out of the usual. This however is a tough thing to do in a long distance relationship.

Catch Them In A Lie

Not many people know how to catch someone in a lie. The truth is, it’s very hard to do. If you suspect someone is lying to you, start to write down your conversations with them so it’s easier for you to remember what was said. After awhile, the liar will begin to get sloppy and their stories will begin to not match up. This is the perfect time to call them out. If you persist with it enough, you just may get a confession as well.

Look For Suspicious Activity

Many people ask the question how do you know someone is cheating on you? This can be a tough question to answer as some behaviors that seem odd may be due to something else. There are ways to collect enough information to call them out on any suspicious activity though, which could lead to a confession. Keeping up with who the person is talking with is a great place to start. Look for any oddness between the two. If your significant other seems to always be chatting with that person but won’t mention or show you any details this can surely be a red flag. Another suspicious activity would be checking their email frequently. Not too many people check their email more than once a day if they’re not looking for a specific email. If your hubby is constantly checking their email, ask them what they’re looking for. If the excuse seems lame or if they seem to be lying, it may be time to ask if anything is going on. Sometimes the person will confess and sometimes they wont. Be persistent and question everything, if that person truly loves you they will tell you. Although sometimes it takes directly catching them.

Follow Them

This one may not be easy to do. However if you have the means to follow the person in question, this is a great way on how to catch someone cheating. If the relationship is psychical, following that person is a sure way on how to catch someone cheating. Just be sure that if you do, you remain as calm as possible and give that person a chance to explain as well.

There are many ideas for how to catch someone cheating, some are harder than the others. Cheating is something that hurts and betrays and should be taken seriously. At first it may not be clear on how to catch someone cheating but with enough work put into it anyone can catch someone. Be sure you’re ready for any result you may get. Some relationships have the strength to continue happily after someone has cheated, and some don’t. If you wish to stay with that person after they have cheated, it will take plenty of work and time. Sometimes getting professional help is the best way to get past this ghastly ordeal. Whichever way you choose, be sure to know that it’s never your fault and that you will get past it.

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How to Catch A Cheater Today

#1 Priority – Get Perspective

You are on a hunt to learn how to catch a cheater. You want to know the signs. But the signs may already be there and missed, because love often blinds people’s perception of reality. Denial is a common response when the first sign appears.

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is he cheatingIt is important to ask how you will interpret those signs. Basic trust in another person never presumes the worst about them. Giving them the benefit of the doubt is natural and normal, and you would hope they are deserving of it. The sad part of this is that the cheater has planned their strategy long before you became vaguely suspicious. They take advantage of the basic trust. The cheater has no intention of honoring any promise made over the course of the relationship because in their mind they have already moved on. It is just a question of when.

Have a plan

It is important to keep focused. Mr. or Ms. Third Party are simply a piece of the puzzle that was being put together long before they even knew the cheater existed. They may or may not know the cheater is already in a relationship, but that really does not matter. Regardless of how you may feel, no one can take the cheater away from you because the cheater has already mentally submitted his or her resignation. If it is not this person, it will be someone else.

In your plan on how to catch a cheater, the first thing you must do is to resign yourself to a warlike mentality where there will be one winner – you. For the time being, limit your trust to the small number of people you trust the most. As difficult as it may be, you need to act as normally as possible in your existing situation. It is necessary if you want to win.

Another winning action that may be equally difficult to do is to be objective. You have to not only recognize the signs, but also make sure there is evidence to connect to the signs. If your significant other takes a shower immediately after coming home from work on a hot, humid day, that is not evidence of cheating. The suspicion may be that they are washing off the smell of another person’s bodily fluids, but in this case it is a stretch to say this is evidence.

Signs of lying

An important part of the war is knowing how to catch a liar. An old adage says that the eyes are the window to the soul. Looking into the cheater’s eyes is one of the best, non-confrontational ways to gather evidence regarding the situation. Looking away is almost always a bad sign. Avoiding a question or changing the subject is worse. But use this tactic carefully to minimize suspicion.

Other signs of lying

Walking out of the room during a discussion

Making up lame excuses that, at first, sound plausible

Ending phone conversations abruptly when raising sensitive issues

Remember that most of the evidence you gather will be based on your heart’s judgment. This can be very tricky, which is why it is best to be sure before classifying anything as evidence. But you also have to use your head and think.

What to watch for

The signs of a cheater are more obvious than you first imagined. If you have a plan and keep things as normal as possible, the cheater will think you are unaware of what is going on.

Seven signs to consider

    • Unexplained withdrawals from bank accounts – Unaccounted money is a red flag, but be sure to account for even the small amounts.
    • Unknown receipts from restaurants, bars, clubs, hotels, or recreational places
    • Keeping unusual working hours – Working late does happen, but if you have been together long enough you should know the days and times they are most likely to work late.
    • A significant increase or decrease in sexual interest
    • Changes in physical appearance – If they have not paid much attention to how they look for you, then start spending more time in front of the mirror.
    • Cell phones are an important place to look – It is likely they will text the other person at some time. If the phone is locked and you do not have the password, that is a piece of evidence which strongly suggests something is necessary to hide.
    • Decreased communication – Communication is at the heart of a successful relationship, and ignoring or glossing over problems, especially important ones, is a huge red flag that shows they have no interest in moving forward.

Becoming aware of one or more of these signs is not proof of cheating. You have to take each action and put it in the proper perspective of your relationship. You know their habits. That is why having a plan and keeping things as normal as possible until you come to a conclusion is critical.

How to catch a cheater online

The biggest problem when dealing with online cheating is the Internet itself. It is one place where someone can hide their true identity, making it very difficult to know how to catch a cheater online. Dating sites, chat rooms, message boards and instant messaging are key tools for cheaters to hide their actions from almost everyone except the one they are cheating with.

The obvious place to check is their e-mail, if you have access. If not, there are devices known as keyloggers that record every keystroke typed on a computer keyboard. Similar technology is also available as software. Using this, you will be able to see every web site that the person has gone to along with specific web pages visited. Think of it as recording their entire online history.

Cheaters who think they are operating under the radar will likely make an obvious mistake that is indefensible. At that point, you need to decide how you will win the war.

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Free Ways to Catch a Cheater

It’s a fact of life: Many husbands and wives cheat on their partners. So how do you know if your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you? There are some free ways to catch a cheater. You don’t need an expert private investigator.

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how to catch a cheater for freeTo know more about the free ways to catch a cheater, you must understand what marriage or relationship is all about. By definition, marriage is a system of mate monopoly. As couples move from their early friendships through courtship and engagement and into marriage, their associations together become not only more intimate but more exclusive. Nothing, perhaps, will undermine love so definitely or destroy marriage so completely as dishonesty and cheating between the mates. Just as dependability is one of the most important considerations in choosing a mate, fidelity is paramount in marriage. Lying to each other, flirting with or making love to someone else, stepping out behind the others backs, adultery; all lead to marriage failure. Sometimes these practices come because of an unwillingness to give up the acquaintances and good times of the courtship period. Sometimes they are encouraged by the development of conflict and monotony within marriage. Always, however, they are associated with some degree of personality immaturity, with a lack of responsibility in the social situation.

Marriage is a contractual arrangement between two persons, designed for the benefit of both, but requiring obligations. Whenever self-interest causes either to cheat on the other, the very basis for mutuality is thereby destroyed. This is true of any partnership arrangement, marital or otherwise. Until one has prepared himself for social responsibility and is ready to play the role of a partner, he is still too immature to be trusted in adult relationships. Here are some free ways to catch a cheater spouse.

One of the ways to catch a cheating spouse is to check if things have changed. Of course things would have changed since the day you the two got married but you should be look at certain changes that may indicate that your spouse is cheating on your. When the two of your got married, your spouse would have made it clear to you that you were the most important thing in the world no matter what happens. So he would be with you at the exact time, if not a little earlier than the time he promised to be there. If he was hanging out with his friends, he would want you to be there with him. If he had to stay back late in the office, he would call you from work. He wouldn’t eat dinner without having spent some quality time with you. You know things have changed when you not longer know where he is at any time. Work emergencies suddenly crop up. You sex life may continue to remain active but he just wants to get over with the act and be done. Whenever you call him, he is in a hurry to keep the phone down. If you notice these things, you can be sure your spouse is cheating on you.

Once you are certain that your spouse is cheating on you, you must catch your spouse in the act. There are free ways to catch a cheater spouse in the act without hiring a costly private investigator. You can tell your spouse that your are going out for the weekend. Your cheating spouse will definitely not stop you but rather encourage you to go. He will then call up the other woman over to the house to spend the weekend. To catch him in the act, you need to suddenly turn up at the house before the weekend is over, ideally during night time.

Another way to check if your spouse is cheating on you is to monitor his cell phone. Does he abruptly disconnect a call when you are in the room? Is his cell phone constantly busy on another call when you call him? Check his messages. You may not be lucky here. If he is clever, he would have deleted the messages.

You can also follow your spouse if you think he is on his way to meet his lover. But you must be discreet and your spouse should not know that you are following him. Once you catch him in the act, its time for you to decide whether or not you want to continue with the relationship.

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Catching Cheaters

You’ve noticed that for the last three nights that your spouse has had to work late. When they are home they are distant and always have other things on their minds. They go to the computer as soon as they can after they get home, another silent dinner awaits you. Why the change? Could it be someone new is in the wind? Do you really think your spouse could be cheating on you? But how do you find out without being so obvious.

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how to catch a cheater by tracking their cell phone activityUse the phone and let your fingers do the walking. Our lifeline is the phone and every day it becomes more of a common thread in our lives. So if there is anything going on it should show up on their cell phone. Check it out and make sure. If you have a land line that you think they are using you can listen in to the call using another jack or just get a copy of the bill and all the calls.

Another way to check on things is to check the computer. Did you know that you can have a copy of every email or conversation that your spouse sends online can be sent to you? There is software today called remote spy software that can record all web sites visited, instant messages, chats and emails even down to the keystrokes and copies this information and you can have it sent to your email address. If your spouse is not so careful you can look at the history on their computer and follow along on their ride that they think is so much greener on the other side. If they catch on to what you are doing and start changing passwords, do a Google search and find software that can be used to hack passwords. Be creative.

To catch a cheater isn’t really hard. To find proof of your spouse’s infidelity will be rewarding for both of you in the long run. The cheater never likes to be caught but once they are they will realize that it was for the best because there was a hole in the relationship. Now it may take them awhile to realize this but eventually they will.

These are some other ways to spy on your spouse:

• Use hidden cameras that come in any shape now and very discreet.
• Installing a GPS device that can track where the car has been.
• Keep the mileage on the car and see how far they drive.
• You need to pay attention to who they are hanging out with.
• If your call history is blocked on your phone call the phone company and get it fixed.
• Changes in behavior are a true sign like changes in the way they dress, weight loss or gain, refusal to talk about future plans, disinterest in sex and everyday affections.
• Look for secrets they leave such as an additional phone, look in the trash can for numbers or notes. If you have really good suspicions you can have to go out of town for a night and follow them and take the camera with you. But be careful you don’t get caught. If they are clean it could cause a relationship to change.

This is a warning. If your problem turned out that you have paranoid jealousy and is not based on fact and your spouse finds out what you have done, you have probably done irreparable damage to your marriage and you should be seen by a licensed psychologist. You may find out things you really didn’t want to know after all. The way you use the spy gadgets can or cannot violate the privacy of the others. Sometimes for this reason it is better to hire someone that knows the laws. The hacking of the software may be illegal as well as if you spy on them without their knowledge and gaining entry to their computer could be considered illegal.

If you really think your spouse is cheating but can’t find anything on them and you want to continue to find out you might want to check out the infidelity investigation of a private company. That may cost you but it might be worth it. They have special ways to find out whose shoes are staying under whose bed.

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