Free Ways to Catch a Cheater

It’s a fact of life: Many husbands and wives cheat on their partners. So how do you know if your husband, wife or partner is cheating on you? There are some free ways to catch a cheater. You don’t need an expert private investigator.

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how to catch a cheater for freeTo know more about the free ways to catch a cheater, you must understand what marriage or relationship is all about. By definition, marriage is a system of mate monopoly. As couples move from their early friendships through courtship and engagement and into marriage, their associations together become not only more intimate but more exclusive. Nothing, perhaps, will undermine love so definitely or destroy marriage so completely as dishonesty and cheating between the mates. Just as dependability is one of the most important considerations in choosing a mate, fidelity is paramount in marriage. Lying to each other, flirting with or making love to someone else, stepping out behind the others backs, adultery; all lead to marriage failure. Sometimes these practices come because of an unwillingness to give up the acquaintances and good times of the courtship period. Sometimes they are encouraged by the development of conflict and monotony within marriage. Always, however, they are associated with some degree of personality immaturity, with a lack of responsibility in the social situation.

Marriage is a contractual arrangement between two persons, designed for the benefit of both, but requiring obligations. Whenever self-interest causes either to cheat on the other, the very basis for mutuality is thereby destroyed. This is true of any partnership arrangement, marital or otherwise. Until one has prepared himself for social responsibility and is ready to play the role of a partner, he is still too immature to be trusted in adult relationships. Here are some free ways to catch a cheater spouse.

One of the ways to catch a cheating spouse is to check if things have changed. Of course things would have changed since the day you the two got married but you should be look at certain changes that may indicate that your spouse is cheating on your. When the two of your got married, your spouse would have made it clear to you that you were the most important thing in the world no matter what happens. So he would be with you at the exact time, if not a little earlier than the time he promised to be there. If he was hanging out with his friends, he would want you to be there with him. If he had to stay back late in the office, he would call you from work. He wouldn’t eat dinner without having spent some quality time with you. You know things have changed when you not longer know where he is at any time. Work emergencies suddenly crop up. You sex life may continue to remain active but he just wants to get over with the act and be done. Whenever you call him, he is in a hurry to keep the phone down. If you notice these things, you can be sure your spouse is cheating on you.

Once you are certain that your spouse is cheating on you, you must catch your spouse in the act. There are free ways to catch a cheater spouse in the act without hiring a costly private investigator. You can tell your spouse that your are going out for the weekend. Your cheating spouse will definitely not stop you but rather encourage you to go. He will then call up the other woman over to the house to spend the weekend. To catch him in the act, you need to suddenly turn up at the house before the weekend is over, ideally during night time.

Another way to check if your spouse is cheating on you is to monitor his cell phone. Does he abruptly disconnect a call when you are in the room? Is his cell phone constantly busy on another call when you call him? Check his messages. You may not be lucky here. If he is clever, he would have deleted the messages.

You can also follow your spouse if you think he is on his way to meet his lover. But you must be discreet and your spouse should not know that you are following him. Once you catch him in the act, its time for you to decide whether or not you want to continue with the relationship.

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