How to Catch a Cheater for Free

In today’s busy world people do not have much time to do something other than their personal and professional work routines. Having surety of your spouse’s loyalty is one of the major concerns of people in relationship today. People generally assume this notion as a sign of weak relationship and unstable mental surety in a relationship but some people also consider it as a sign of true love.

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Most of the times, people are very possessive on the idea of losing their partners love due to any reason or sharing it with anyone else at any possible cost. Also,generally people assume that checking on the spouse is entirely a women business because they do so due to insecurity in a relationship. But it is not the case either. Today, men are equally interested in checking on the beloveds as women are because they have the similar kinds of reasons and sentimentalities as women do when it comes to love relationships.

is my boyfriend a cheaterIn today’s world the question of catching your spouse who is cheating on you for free is a very popular question. Frankly speaking people do not have so much time so they could spend hours on looking on their partner’s activities privately. In addition, people neither have such amount of financial budgets so they could spend a high amount of money on hiring private agents or other means to catch the cheaters. That is why technology and great efficient minds have found other means to do the job. Now you can catch a cheater for free. In order to help people with this agenda, now we have a lot of technological tools which can accommodate us in finding the cheaters and the best part is that this can be done without spending a lot of money. Here are some of tools which can help you catch a cheater for free:

Diary Writing

This is the first step anybody could take if they have a doubt that they are being cheated. Grab a pen and a diary and start writing down whatever you observe and notice. Jot down whatever feelings come to your mind, speak out your heart! Everything unusual you find out write it down on that diary. This will later help you to remember the important details that you may forget later. T will also enable you to analyze things chronologically. Most importantly make sure that you keep this diary well hidden from your partner or anybody else.

Fuel Record

The next step you need to do is keep a fuel record of your partner’s car. Check on the mileage of your spouse’s car. If you have a doubt that your partner is consuming more than his work requirements demand, then do keep a record of it by noting down all the minor details of fuel consumption. This will help you gain knowledge of something severely unusual happening. It will also further lead you to check the bill records and will make your grounds stronger for the questioning part.

Checking Internet Files

You can check the internet files your partner is using downloading or seems to be doing anything with. This is an easy and free of cost way to keep an internet check on your partner. You can go to the history option after your spouse has left the house on the internet explorer or other browsing networks. Checking history will enable you to get an idea of what you partner is checking on the internet these days. Other technological options like Google index researcher also enable you to access the files which your partner may have used earlier. You can install this option and delete it later so that your partner doesn’t catch you doing anything.

Cell phone check

You should check your partner’s cell phone regularly. Many people have issues with this option saying that their partners do not leave their cell phones until very late at night and by that time everybody goes to sleep so they do not get the chance to check. In addition, people complaint that if their partners are cheating on them, they won’t leave any traces of doubt in their cell phones. This should not be your approach. You should be careful enough to make your spouse feel comfortable and scroll their phones in their presence but they should not get the idea of anything suspicious you are doing. Also you can contact the cell phone companies for getting the information on calls made or the messages retrieved.

Make a Trap

Setting a trap for your partner is the most efficient option you can go for in order to catch a cheater for free! You should manage to make an excuse of going out for a few days or weeks but you should keep a check at your house in your absence.

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