Is My Husband Cheating Or Am I Just Losing It?

There are men who do love their wives and girlfriends, yet these very same men, for some reason or other do end up cheating outside the relationship. Why they do this is not known, in some cases, yet in some cases the reason is known.

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However, despite the reason, infidelity in marriage or other form of serious relationship is both heartbreaking and devastating at the same time. It is not the nicest thing for anyone to have to experience, at least not on purpose, but at the same time it is blatant disregard for a loved one’s feeling on all fronts. So, with this said, is my husband cheating or am I just is your boyfriend cheating on youlosing it? If a woman finds herself, asking herself, this very question because of her husband or boyfriend. She should then go all out personally, to learn the truth, because it is only fair for her to know the truth. Living in the shadow of a man’s lies is not a nice way to live, especially if said man claims to love her, in spite of the fact he is getting it on with another female behind her back. Am I paranoid? The answer is no, not if you are going through, what is called the signs of a cheating husband.

What are the signs that a husband is indeed cheating on his wife?

Even though the signs of a cheating husband may vary, what doesn’t vary is the way, in which he will display these cheating signs. The way that a man does show off his infidelity is clear in his own behavior towards his wife. Is my husband cheating? The only way for a wife to ascertain this reality, as well as to answer this question personally is obvious, and that obvious is to look for the most common signs of infidelity that a man will possess when cheating outside of his own marriage. A wife having suspicions that her husband is cheating on her, is not only nagging, but it can be the very thing to make her feel bad about her. Therefore, it is something that needs an answer, in order for it not to afflict her health and her life. So, with this said, answers need to be found and looking for signs of infidelity are part of it.

Some of the most common of all signs that a man is cheating on his wife are very visible, if a wife does know how to look for them,, and some of the most common of all signs are as follows. If a husband begins to display odd behavior at home, the chances are, he may very well be in the midst of an affair with another women. Some of the signs of odd behavior to look for at home are is that he is very aloof, very distant, and doesn’t seem to take any interest in his life at home any more. He is also always tired and doesn’t display any romantic interest in his wife or their relationship either. He may refrain from any sexual contact with his wife, as well. He may also be wearing cologne that he never wore before, and could also smell of perfume often, which is a perfume that is not his wife’s fragrance.

What are some damning signs of a cheating husband?

Some of the very damning signs that a man is openly engaging in affair outside of marriage is when, he suddenly stops wearing his wedding ring on his finger, and doesn’t seem to remember or has stated he lost his wedding ring to his wife when questioned about him not wearing it. He is also very hostile, harsh, and sarcastic with his wife for no reason at all. He may also be suddenly concerned about his wife’s schedule and is seen often asking her about it. If he comes home and heads straight for the shower, this could also be a damning indicator that he has cheated, as he wants to clean himself up of any physical evidence that could be lingering on his body after a heated sexual encounter.

Is my husband cheating or am I just imagining that he is doing this?

Only you, as the wife, will be able to answer this question for herself firsthand. Cheating is infidelity, and one should have to experience it, so as the wife it is your duty to learn the truth if only for your own peace of mind and comfort. Having a husband cheating is not the nicest thing to happen to any woman, let alone any man, but it is a clear betrayal and breach of trust all the same. If you do suspect that your husband is doing this to you, it would not be wise to close your eyes to his affair, because this very affair could wreck your own life by infecting you with a sexual disease or even worse AIDS. So, with this said, if he is indeed cheating on you and you have a feeling that may the case. You owe it to yourself, to learn the truth, and to find out the truth for you. Don’t do it just to save your marriage, or because you love him, do it for you and your health/life.

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