Signs Of Cheating

It may have happened to you or someone you know but to be able to spot the signs of cheating in your partner is an important skill to have. Most people only learn these skills the hard way, after having been cheated on themselves. Others will not believe what they are reading, and deny that their partner would even think of doing that to them. Well it is a reality and both men and women will cheat. Women will cheat on their boyfriends, and husbands, and men will do the same to their wives, and girlfriends.

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top signs of infidelity There are different things you want to look for that will stand out the most when you are even thinking something is wrong. If you even have that thought in the back of your mind, follow it until you can prove the thought right or wrong. You would much rather proof that thought to be wrong than to find out he was cheating on you. There are some things to watch for in order to spot the signs of cheating boyfriend.

Watch the signs:

Late or Unscheduled meetings and trips – When your husband or boyfriend works in a high paying job, in management or some other similar job meetings are a standard item on the agenda. Depending on the job they are usually scheduled, but there are times when emergencies happen and a meeting is thrown together at the last minute. This is a rare occurrence and should not be a frequent one. Unless his job is traveling, you might want to watch for meeting that run late, or late at night. Schedule changes such as overnight shifts when they are not normally worked. Trips that come up out of the blue with no planning are a good thing to keep an eye on. Depending on the trust in your relationship and how he feels about calling you when away will tell you a lot about what he is really doing on that trip.

Frequent showers – Women tend to be clean and not like the feeling of being dirty. They will sometimes take more than one shower in a day. Men however usually only do this once unless the job is a very dirty one. A man who spends more time in the bathroom than he usually does, might just have an issue. Hopefully and yet not so much, it is a medical issue, but it can mean something else is going on. New changes in deodorants, colognes, mouthwashes, and aftershaves could mean someone is after your man.

E-mails, texts, and phone calls – When a man spends time cheating they have a tendency to be more private with their electronic devices. Passwords will change frequently, as will a call log being deleted more often than it was before. Phone numbers of new people pop up in the phone or on the phone bill. Text messages at odd hours or with messages that seem to make no sense to you, might make a lot of sense to him. When confronted they will make excuses or get angry that you are invading their privacy.

Less money – These are good signs of cheating men. If you pay attention to what is purchased and what is available each week and month, and then all of a sudden there is less money to go around this can be one of the signs of cheating. Be careful with this one though. If you constantly live on a budget and money is tight and things get tighter, think if there is a birthday, holiday or special even coming up before you make any accusations. If he was planning a party or something special in mind for you, you are going to feel really bad for accusing him of cheating on you.

Signs of lying – There are many things to spot when looking for signs of cheating, and lying is the biggest. His story will not match what he told you. His eyes shift and he can’t seem to look you directly in the eye when talking to you. He will make up stories or what may seem like legitimate reasons why he is doing certain things, such as having a late meeting. Getting upset for being asked a question is generally a sign of lying. Also if he changes the topic of conversation and tries to direct it back to you, than you need to look for that. If you know about his line of work it will help you spot even more signs that he is cheating on you, and enable you to do something about it.

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