Signs that your Wife is Cheating

It is doubtful that you entered your marriage wanting to doubt your spouse’s fidelity and find yourself beginning to look for signs your wife is cheating. Marriage is about commitment, strength of spirit, mutual trust and deep all-encompassing love for one another. Both parties deserve to be part of a wonderful union. Since each of you constitutes half of that union, it matters, and makes sense (!), that you both feel and believe that you are loyal to each other.

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cheating spouseAnything less, and sadly the seed from which trouble begins to brew and shake a marital union right from its foundation is planted. What’s more, being with a partner whom you love and support that has chosen to seek her pleasures in the arms of someone else is hazardous to your self-esteem, feelings of self-worth and even your health – it can lead to depression, crippling anxiety and can even affect your performance at work.

Nobody needs that. YOU don’t need that. If you have a gut feeling that your wife is having a relationship with someone else, you owe it to yourself to pay closer attention to the way she behaves around you and look for signs your wife is cheating.

Physical Signs Your Wife is cheating:

– She turns her head when you lean into her, forcing you to kiss her cheek and not her mouth;
– You notice her skillfully avoid her usual morning routine of changing in front of you (she waits for you to leave the room, changes in the bathroom, etc.);
– She either stops or seems to be making fewer of her usual affectionate touches and caresses;
– She’s hitting the gym more often;
– She starts going out for long walks alone at night;
– If she’s feeling particularly guilty about her extra-marital activities or is trying to hide their existence from you, she may start initiating sex more often.
– She treats all your love-making sessions as a physical activity and none as opportunities to share in passionate, intimate moments;
– You find condoms in her purse. Be particularly suspicious if they are in a size other than what you would normally use.

Signs Your Wife is cheating on you at Work:

– She begins to leave the house earlier than usual. She may gradually leave a little earlier every day in an effort to have this change escape your notice for a while.
– She seems more excited to go to work than usual.
– She comes home later than usual, and accepts to work overtime despite your protests.
– She doesn’t complain or talk about her work with you anymore.
– She starts taking better care of her appearance for work, and perhaps is doing something new like adding a perfume to her morning routine.
– There seem to be more ‘’corporate’’ lunches and dinners in her schedule.
– If she’s not leaving you with a hotel number when you can reach her when she goes out of town for business, it may be because it’s not a business trip at all, or she’s going on the trip with someone she doesn’t want you to find out about.
– She makes a habit of not answering certain phone calls on her cell when she’s with you.
– You used to have access to each other’s phones all the time and, without talking to you about it first, she added a security code to hers.

Now one or two of these signs might not mean much, but if you recognize, say 85% of these signs, chances are good something’s up with your marriage. Before confronting your wife and accusing her of being unfaithful, take some time for yourself to reflect and take stock of her marriage. Perhaps your wife is growing distant simply because she is unhappy in her marriage, and doesn’t know how to tell you or what to do about it. She may also be wondering if she’s doing something that is making you unhappy. Her distance may not imply that she is cheating. Do all the soul-searching you need to do to figure out what you feel will be the best way to approach your wife to invite her to talk about the issues in your marriage.

You are the best judge of your marriage. Let no one persuade you to think otherwise.

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