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Catching Cheaters

You’ve noticed that for the last three nights that your spouse has had to work late. When they are home they are distant and always have other things on their minds. They go to the computer as soon as they can after they get home, another silent dinner awaits you. Why the change? Could it be someone new is in the wind? Do you really think your spouse could be cheating on you? But how do you find out without being so obvious.

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how to catch a cheater by tracking their cell phone activityUse the phone and let your fingers do the walking. Our lifeline is the phone and every day it becomes more of a common thread in our lives. So if there is anything going on it should show up on their cell phone. Check it out and make sure. If you have a land line that you think they are using you can listen in to the call using another jack or just get a copy of the bill and all the calls.

Another way to check on things is to check the computer. Did you know that you can have a copy of every email or conversation that your spouse sends online can be sent to you? There is software today called remote spy software that can record all web sites visited, instant messages, chats and emails even down to the keystrokes and copies this information and you can have it sent to your email address. If your spouse is not so careful you can look at the history on their computer and follow along on their ride that they think is so much greener on the other side. If they catch on to what you are doing and start changing passwords, do a Google search and find software that can be used to hack passwords. Be creative.

To catch a cheater isn’t really hard. To find proof of your spouse’s infidelity will be rewarding for both of you in the long run. The cheater never likes to be caught but once they are they will realize that it was for the best because there was a hole in the relationship. Now it may take them awhile to realize this but eventually they will.

These are some other ways to spy on your spouse:

• Use hidden cameras that come in any shape now and very discreet.
• Installing a GPS device that can track where the car has been.
• Keep the mileage on the car and see how far they drive.
• You need to pay attention to who they are hanging out with.
• If your call history is blocked on your phone call the phone company and get it fixed.
• Changes in behavior are a true sign like changes in the way they dress, weight loss or gain, refusal to talk about future plans, disinterest in sex and everyday affections.
• Look for secrets they leave such as an additional phone, look in the trash can for numbers or notes. If you have really good suspicions you can have to go out of town for a night and follow them and take the camera with you. But be careful you don’t get caught. If they are clean it could cause a relationship to change.

This is a warning. If your problem turned out that you have paranoid jealousy and is not based on fact and your spouse finds out what you have done, you have probably done irreparable damage to your marriage and you should be seen by a licensed psychologist. You may find out things you really didn’t want to know after all. The way you use the spy gadgets can or cannot violate the privacy of the others. Sometimes for this reason it is better to hire someone that knows the laws. The hacking of the software may be illegal as well as if you spy on them without their knowledge and gaining entry to their computer could be considered illegal.

If you really think your spouse is cheating but can’t find anything on them and you want to continue to find out you might want to check out the infidelity investigation of a private company. That may cost you but it might be worth it. They have special ways to find out whose shoes are staying under whose bed.

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5 Tips to Catch Cheaters in Relationships

If you want to catch cheaters, you’ve got to think like they do. Here you will find a list of 5 dead-simple psychological tricks and clever techniques you can use to catch cheating men and women red-handed. This page looks at the subject from both men and woman, and the genders could be reversed in any of our examples without losing the meaning, so keep that in mind.

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You Can Catch Cheaters Texting

catch cheating spousesA lot of relationships start to struggle when someone gets caught texting with their exes, trying to hide it and acting shady in general, combined with the other signs that rightfully start to stir up that little green jealousy monster that lives inside all of us.

– Does your man clam up when his phone goes off and you’re in the room?

– Does he wait until you leave the room to even look at his new messages?

– Does he wince when you go within 5 feet of his cellphone?

– Has your girlfriend started talking to an ex recently?

– Is she really going out with the girls, and how you can find out…


This article will go into more details about how to catch cheaters who are using their phones to help them cheat on you, along with some other sensible tips about cheating and cheaters in general.


1. Watch For Changes In Behavior

You don’t have to be a behavioral psychologist to pick up on small changes. Maybe your partner is more reserved, less affectionate, acting colder? Trust is very important in a relationship, but when somebody starts acting strangely with no justification or reason, it can be hard to trust them. A cheating partner will often try to exploit your trust, to make you feel bad for having suspicious. That being said, there can be any number of reasons that your lover is acting differently, maybe you’re projecting so much insecurity onto them that they’re worried about why you’re acting different. This means two things. First of all, it means proper trust and communication are very important for a successful relationship. Oh, and it also means you’ve got to get some PROOF, but first…

2. Check Your Rationality

Make sure you’re being rational. Don’t jump to conclusions without any proof. Take account in your mind of the reasons why you think your lover might be stepping out on you, what grounds do you have to be suspicious? Are there any tell-tale signs? You can share your reasoning with a friend that you trust, just to make sure it all checks out. You can even talk to your spouse, “Hey, I feel like you’ve been a little bit distant lately, is everything okay?” See what kind of answer they give you.

3. Get A Helper

Did your man say that he’s going to watch the game with a couple buddies at the sports bar? If you were to just show up unannounced, that might seem a little strange, especially if you’re interrupting guys night. He might get razed for it, and question why you showed up, he might start to think you don’t trust him. Ironic, since that’s the reason you showed up… But, what if you were to send a friend of yours to “bump” into him there? Is he really there with his buddies, or is he with someone else? Or is he somewhere else all-together? You can answer at least one of those questions by sending in a friend to do some PI work.

4. Use A Trojan Horse

If your wife, for example, says she’s staying late at work to finish up a project – there’s nothing that says you can’t show up with a warm meal to surprise her. She doesn’t have to know that you’re there because you’re suspicious. Chances are she’s not sleeping with her boss, so when you show up with a warm supper to surprise her, it will absolutely make her day. She’s probably in a bad mood after being told she has to stay late, and hungry, and knowing that you cared enough to take the time to drop by will mean the world to her. Or maybe she’s sleeping with her boss. Maybe you’ll find your sweet wife at her desk, stressed out and so happy to see you or maybe you’ll catch cheaters in the act. Either way, it’s better to know than not to know, right?

Or maybe she won’t even be there. Then no harm, no foul on you but you can ask her later that night how the project went. See if you can bait her into telling some lies and voila – now you have a reason to be suspicious if she’s lying to you.

The meal is your trojan horse. It gets you through the door, basically. It doesn’t have to be a meal per se, it can be anything but if you’re going to basically show up unannounced to spy on somebody then surprise them, the lease you can do is to bring them something so that it’s a nice surprise and not a “WTF are you doing here?” surprise.

5. Check Their Phone

This is a bold move. It violates your partners trust. But there are even apps you can discreetly install on their phone to spy on them. This is only to be done once you’ve caught them in legitimate lies, you’ve checked your rationality, and you’re all but certain they’re cheating on you. So maybe when they’re in the shower, or sleeping, or whenever you can safely take a peek. If you find something, you’ll have to decide how to handle it. It can be tricky to admit you looked through their phone, but if you’ve already gathered other evidence and caught them in a lie – that will often be enough to get them to confess. If they still deny it and lie even more, you have the phone proof in your back pocket as undeniable evidence of a cheater.

Bonus “BUSTED!” Story

There was a story on Reddit lately about a man who grew suspicious of his girlfriend cheating on him after she kept coming up with excuses to not go on a group camping trip at the very last minute and used his cellphone to catch infidelity. Before leaving, he went into her car and left her a little note, and “accidentally” dropped his iPhone under her seat. Using the GPS feature on the phone, he was able to determine that she spent that night at a strange address which happened to be registered to her ex-boyfriend’s father. Oops!

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